URB-E Sport GT

Regular price $2,349.00

Built on our ultra lightweight compact chassis with upgraded suspension and acceleration power, URB-E Sport GT speeds through cities and easily folds up to fit on a crowded subway, bus, or in the back of an car.

With race car inspired pushrod suspension system and performance speed controller programmed inhouse, the new URB-E Sport GT delivers comfort and torque that you can feel. URB-E Sport GT weighs only 14kgs, has a range of up to 26km and a top speed of 22.5km per hour.

An added front vertical kickstand gives URB-E Sport GT the ability to turn into a shopping cart, making trips to the grocery store a breeze. The new Eddy power source also comes standard in URB-E Sport GT.

Available in exclusive colors Stealth Black and Guards Red.

Questions? Check the URB-E FAQ